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Mono-floral honey
Acacia Honey
Acacia honey has a clear color and remains liquid for a long time. Its delicate flavor is light, vanilla and floral; and rich in fructose concentration.
"Honey Tree" acacia honey complements ricotta cheese very well, so if you want to add just a touch of sweetness to a dish which includes ricotta,
try "Honey Tree" acacia honey.
Buckwheat honey
Buckwheat honey is dark and rich in color and flavor. It is pungent in flavor with molasses and malty tones and a wonderful lingering aftertaste. It is higher in antioxidant compounds than other honeys, and also higher in mineral content on average, as compared to other honeys too.Buckwheat honey is known for its medicinal properties too. Whether it’s used as a topping for your favourite ice cream, or as an alternative medicine, "Honey Tree" buckwheat honey has proven itself to be a healthy gift from nature for you.
Cotton flower honey
Light amber, with lactic acid and sugar taste, as a basic sweetening ingredient. Cotton honey is rich in antibacterial attributes. It posses some features such as special aroma, flavor and density which makes it more preferred among other honey flavors.
"Honey Tree" cotton honey is from Sinkiang, Northwest of China.  It is perfect for topping biscuits, cornbread, toast, tea, and so much more.
Citrus honey
"Honey Tree" citrus honey, pure, clear with a hint of citrus, flowers and sunshine.
A wide variety of citrus, citrus honey color also has a shallow depth, from white to light amber, It has a rich aroma, sweet taste with slightly acid.
Try a little Orange Blossom honey in baking or in tea for a sweet surprise, "Honey Tree" citrus honey is good for you.
Sunflower Honey
Sunflower honey comes in a light yellow shade with a delicate and subtle feeling. Color is light amber to amber color, smells fragrant, sweet taste palatability, easy to crystallization was crystallized fine-grained. This honey is used in biscuit, cake and nougat making.
"Honey Tree" Sunflower honey is from Inner Mongolian A'er Mountain, pure, low water content and free of water insoluble solids.
Rape Honey
Light amber, slightly cloudy, there is the aroma of rape, a slightly spicy flavor, taste sweet, but not very palatable, highly crystalline, crystallized milky white, was fine-grained crystals. It often used as creamy solid honey.
If you want a creamy solid honey to pamper your bread on your breakfast table, "Honey Tree" Rape honey is best choice for you.
Vitex Honey
Vitex has the common name "Chaste tree" since Athenian women used the leaves in their beds to keep themselves chaste during the feasts of Ceres.
Special light amber, fresh Honey is shallow, and then gradually changes to orange-red, taste with flowers fragrant.
"Honey Tree" Vitex honey is from North China, with high F/G ratio over 1.15.
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