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  Honey standards
Learn a few simple tests to verify the purity of honey:

The water glass testTake a glass of water and pour one tablespoon of honey in it.
Gently shake the glass, do not stir. If the honey completely
dissolved in water, it is impure. On the other hand if it stays
as a mass, it is pure honey.

Methylated spirit test
Stirring half a glass of honey into half a glass of methylated spirit. Pure honey will simply settle at the bottom without dissolving. Impure honey will dissolve, turning the methylated spirit milky.

The flame test
Dip a cotton wick into the honey and shake off the excess. Attempt to light a match or candle and hold the soaked end of the wick in the flame. If the cotton wick burns, this is a sign that the honey is pure. If it does not burn, this typically signifies that the honey contains water, which will prevent burning. If the honey contains just a small amount of water, it may still burn but you will hear a crackling sound.

The absorption test
Pour a few drops of the honey onto blotting paper. If it is pure, it will not be absorbed into the paper. Alternatively, if you don't have any blotting paper, pour a bit of honey on a piece of white cloth and then wash it. If the honey is pure, it will not leave a stain on the cloth.

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