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Zhongmin Bee Farm

Wuhan ZhongMin bee farm co., Ltd, which began in 1980 as an apiary in Fujian, at that time, we just a raw honey supplier.
We hope we can expand in healthy industry in future.
In 1999, we move from Fujian to Hubei, Hubei is in the center in China, it share the 30% quantity of the Chinese honey exports. This environment as a tremendous chance for us, through our endeavors over these years, our factory covers an area of 30000 square meters and with more than 120 employees now.
More and more apiaries join our camp too; we now have seven apiculture bases, Totaling 350 apiaries
and 1500 beekeeper.
The bees collect the nectar and pollen from flowers of natural forest trees and
subsequently produce honey inside the mounted beehives.
The quality of our honey is guaranteed by a control system this
maintains the natural taste, and free from antibiotic. To ensure that
the high quality is maintained, we offer technical attendance to
beekeeper in areas such as: quality training, feed technology, bee
medicine and production of beehives.
Our process is certified by CIQ within HACCP and ISO9001/2000, Continues growth,
improvement and development of our business is our mission.
we will make its unremitting efforts to this end.


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